Postcard From Japan

Heaa, my very first postcard from Japan πŸ™‚ I was wondering, it only took 10 days only for this card to travel from Japan to Indonesia. Super! Thank you, Simon πŸ™‚ Happy postcrossing!


Postcard to USA

Haha.... Again, my first postcard to USA. Yes, Uncle Sam. Yes! The postcrosser who will receive this postcard said that he likes bridges, landmark, and many more. So, i sent this postcard to him. A bridge postcard. Make someone happy with something they like and you will feel their happiness. Hope he will like my …

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Postcard to Germany

Another my "very first time" moment sending postcard. This time will send to Germany. Why i choose that postcard above? Because the person who will receive my postcard said in her profile that she like classic motorcycle. But i don't have any postcard about motorcycle, then this is the best i can gave to her. …

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Dimulai dari Idul Fitri, Berlanjut di Jalan-Jalan

Menyenangkan ya kalo dapet kejutan? Udah iyain aja biar cepet. Sama, gue juga seneng kalo dapet kejutan πŸ™‚ Di era semua serba dihital ini, gue ngerasa kayaknya tulisan tangan gue makin lama makin jelek. *yee, emang dari sononya udah jelek aja kali* Tapi beneran deh, mau curhat colongan sekarang udah pada ngandelin RT-an di twitter …

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